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She Could Be You
Shawn Hlookoff Lyrics

I'm haunted by this photograph
Don't know why
Everytime I look, I get shivers down my spine
You're such a beautiful face
I know those eyes
They take me back in time

She could be you
I wouldn't even know
She could be you
But that was long ago
She could be you

I wish that i could tell you
What you don't know
I dream about that day
But it's impossible
In another world,
I'll be yours tonight
But i can't break free from this life

She could be you
I wouldn't even know
She could be you
But that was long ago
She could be you

I see it all the time
I know it's true
A picture doesn't lie

She could be you
I wouldn't even know
She could be you
But that was long ago
She could be you

She could be you
She could be you

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just watched it. the abrupt end is so sad. was a really good series.
- loved how kyle viewed the world at first. the way he learned and saw the humans do stuff was so innocent and really took a step back.
- i liked that we knew his thoughts. loved that at stuff like dexter for example as well
- for the release time this series had some really decent special effects and scientific ideas /logical explanations. funny though how the "high tech" computers looked like. spamming one picture or some gibberish on screen xd.
- the romance was so sweet and innocent. the third season had a bit to much drama for my taste (i enjoyed that it was wholesome for once. other series always have so much forced drama. kayle stayed loyal with one girl for so long too)
- music was good - obviously
- good actors choice and acting. dialogie did its part. smart sarkasm and natural dynamics. had good comedy most of the time.
- story was decent. some plot twists, nice situations, good solutions, nice character development.
- abilities were cool (for its time).
- not to many logical flaws
- good settings (rooms, bathtub as bed for example, etc.) it was original and pleasing to the eye.
- much character progression that felt natural and not forced.
- both girls were sweet. jessy wasnt made the antagonist to make him have another superpower enemy like every other show nowadays would have. instead she got a wholesome "ending" - it never really ended.
- sidecharacters were also all lovable and understandable IMO. they didnt get to much or to little spotlight. also they werent to extreme. thy had their stereotypes but were moderate at it IMO. nowadays they always have to be suuuper asshole or suuuuper bitchy or suuuuper depressed and selfhating or suuuper hyper annoying :D. they had a working family dynamic and working relationships.

how come such good shows never get to have a good end, but some trash series have X seasons. T-T. people out there really dont know what to value.

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As for me, 'Kyle XY' was the best TV series ever. It shouldn't have ended that way.

Adam Marzouk


Promise Gemmog

@gnc623 she ruined my true love combo, Kyle and Amanda were so good, cute, better, together, even Kyle says she feels butterflies with Amanda and electric shock with Jess, I prefer butterflies


@Loukas Ant. Really? I thought Jessi was a great addition. I liked her way better than Amanda. I was rooting for Kyle and Jessi to get together since the first time she appeared.

Bladex Punk Official

Honestly.... I keep wishing it continues


Ikr im still saddened to this day

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Cassandra Webb

I'll never forget hearing this song while watching Kyle XY at the age of 18 and frantically writing down some of the lyrics so I could try to find it when I got home. Now I'm about to turn 33, and I still come back to this familiar place. I'm thankful this underrated song is here.

lemba franck

same for me


2021, 2022, ....
still love Kyle XY and hope this show will come back


Who is still in 2019 0r now 2020 and still loves kyle xy

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