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B-a-y A-r-e-a
Shiesty Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Shiesty:

On One Blrrrd, blrrrd All I know is pop out on that Bitch, we…

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Comments from YouTube:


Imagine being lucky enough to be rich and have private jets and then being so dumb you throw it all away cuz you about that life hahaha 🤣

Rune King Thor



He's getting out 🤷🤣


They don’t “have” anything… that’s why they’re so desperately stupid.


@Alphin Mesa exactly and they wonder why people stereotype them.


@Eric G lmao god isn't real. nice try

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Crystal Xoxox

These are the smartest men I've ever seen in my life!!! Good job guys!! U always shoot where there's cameras and always across the street from a police station!!! Excellent job!!..God help us all!!..


you can’t plan when u finna get shot they just shoot they had to shoot back

Kenneth Kirkham


Stu D

idk if it's just me but I think if I was getting shot at, I would shoot back if I was armed... You know maybe that's just my natural survival instincts though.

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