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Murder Of Maria Marten
Shirley Collins & The Albion Country Band Lyrics

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


Come all you gallant poachers that ramble void of care
That walk out on a moonlight night with your dog, your gun and snare

The harmless hare and pheasant you have at your command

Not thinking of your last career out on Van Diemen's Land

Me and five more went out one night into Squire Duncan's park

To see if we could catch some game, the night it being dark

But to our great misfortune we got dropped on with speed

And they took us off to Warwick gaol which made our hearts to bleed

Then at Warwick assizes at the bar we did appear

And like Job we stood with patience our sentence for to hear

But being old offenders it made our case go hard

And for fourteen long and cruel years we were all sent on board

We had a female comrade, Sue Summers was her name,

And she was given sentence for a-selling of our game.

But the captain fell in love with her and he married her out of hand

And she proved true and kind to us going to Van Diemen's Land.

As I lay on the deck last night a-dreaming of my home

I dreamed I was in Harbouree, the fields and woods among

With my true love beside me and a jug of ale in hand

But I woke quite broken-hearted out in Van Diemen's Land.

So come all you gallant poachers, give ear unto my song

It is a bit of good advice although it be not long

Lay by your dog and snare, to you I do speak plain

If you knew the hardships we endure, you'd never poach again.

All comments from YouTube:

Grace Hunt

The little drummer girl anyone?


Oh, my aching sides! 😹

Grace Hunt

hauts81 so much better !😂


Florence Pugh did it better.


We are predictable creatures, alas.


Would like to gat that version


that's an awfully tricky rhythm in the beginning of the stanzas - Dave Mattacks has such a wonderful tone

Denis Smith

It is, he does, but Shirley's refusal to keep the rhythm is also staggering.


Always loved this song, and those drums and guitars have a quality which somehow bridges the 1970s with the 1300s...

William Mclaughlan

A real actual trial about Wm. Corder and the poor Maria Marten at Polstead England

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