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Flipping Cars
Shredders Lyrics

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Truston Leong The Drift Pro

Billionaire’s Row, Silver Rock 7pm

Tyler: Everyone in position? Jess?

Jess: Standing by outside the circuit

Tyler: Mac?

Mac: The Mac Attack is ready to roll

Jess: You named your truck the Mac Attack?

Mac: She named herself

Tyler: Rav?

Rav: Just get the car to me and I’ll take care of the rest

Lina: Time to make us all rich, Tyler

Tyler: I got eyes on the mark, the Gambler’s here

Marcus Weir: Well look at that, it is a beautiful day for a race

Marcus Weir: I got you at four-to-one odds of taking first place, now I know this prototype won’t let me down, the question is, can you handle her? Those electric motors and Twin Turbo V8 will give you a combined-

Tyler: Fifteen hundred horsepower. Yup, I can handle it

Marcus Weir: Good boy! You done your homework, now listen, second place doesn’t give me jack, got it?

Marcus Weir: You seem like a hot hand, don’t screw this up alright, hotshot?

Lina: He suspect anything?

Tyler: Not a thing

Arif Karim

Verse 1: Sims]
Stepping like a concrete mixer
All these odd thoughts flicker
While these soft parts flutter
Churning all that glitter ain't gold
By the digits or they got 'em in the gutter
You can find it where the road hits the rubber stamp
Ode to the underbelly
Fold with the upper-hand? Please
I tell myself "breathe"
I tell you "pardon my reach"
I thread the needle through the heart of the dream
To see which part of it bleeds

[Verse 2: P.O.S.]
Doin' donuts in an Acura in slow motion
Cause life is cooler than you thought it was
Doors open, both hands up, eyes closed
Taking out a stop light, that's my real life

Push buttons and write words and say em for work
And make nerds feel something as fuck daily
Guaranteed stressed out with a dumb heart
And a V Chill Vibe but throw a TV at you crazy
Bitches say "P, you crazy"
Then they get pissed that I said the word "bitches"
Then I explain that I was quoting a rap guy
And that's how my rap dies
I laugh then laugh-cry

[Verse 3: Sims & P.O.S.]
I was diggin' for a fire while you were gone fishin', reeling
I was key in the ignition, peelin'
Listen to the tires squealin'
Feelin' inspired in spite o' all these flashin' red lights
I was maskin' my pain but I was feelin' all right

You were passin' that blame
While I was passin' that light
I was takin' that light, tryna feel a little better
I was takin' that light, makin' somethin' insane
I would make it galvanize
Put the metal to the flame
Eyes, heavy 90's metal bass player vibe
Slowly cockin' his head to one side
Creep City like I'm Cedar Falls, Iowa, and that's fine

I get a "fuck yes" out of a "maybe"
Make it wavy like whoa
Surf's up somethin' crazy
Do's what I feel like, that's my real life

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Cars of the Capital

Payback AND Horizon 4. Dream come true!

Lol Bruh

There ya go


Cars of the Capital yep


I feel so pimp when this starts playing in Payback

Krishi Lahkar

True af

Grey - Greens

Lmao same


Subaru BRZ engine starts

Dylan Lemma

Especially in Forza

Dylan Lemma

Fr bruh

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Krystian Rogowski

Best track to drift 😍

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