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Breaking Me Down
Silent Season Lyrics

I never knew that there was such a sight...
Still I have seen the look inside her eyes
And there was nothing that I wanted more
Except for everything we're fighting for

You're breaking me down
You're leaving me out
You're breaking me down
It's like time's running out

I always cared about the things you hide
But you would never show me what's inside
Stop trying to point the finger with your blame
Cause you're the one who shouldn't play this game

You're breaking me down
You're leaving me out (You're leaving me out)
You're breaking me down (Your breaking me down)
It's like time's running out

Don't walk away
Don't push away

You're breaking me down
You're leaving me out
You're breaking me down
It's like time's running out

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Comments from YouTube:

Lynette Harris

Wow since hearing the song The Negitive a couple hours ago, I've been listening to nothing else but your music, cant hear enough and I feel like I have to catch up!!! I've sub'd and also hit the bell, and I've shared some of your video's as well!!! Really love you guys!!! 🖤🖤🤘🤘💯💯

Balthasar Gelt Supreme Patriarch

My heart beats faster when i listen to this song! It's really very cool!

Logan Douglas

Absolutely Amazing. Best workout song I've heard in a long time. You guys need to schedule a show somewhere near Mississippi.

Cameron Seymour

You guys deserve all the credit you get and more make it on the radio and save our generation from bad music


Rock on!!!! \m/ Appreciate it!


Thanks Jason! That's awesome! Especially because Breaking Benjamin was a huge influence on us!


You guys rock! Great energy, well done! Heard "Chance" on Octane and I've been hooked on your music ever since! Keep it up fellas.


these guys sound incredible

Brandon Bonaudo

Who the hell disliked this? Seriously, this is my deninition of rock, thank you guys!


Dang this is freaking Amazing!!!!

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