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Silver Apples Lyrics

Oscillations, oscillations
Electronic evocations of sound’s reality

Spinning, magnetic fluctuations, waves of wave configurations
That dance between the poles off sound and bind my world to soul.

I walk the streets of moment. Head down to the ground.
Cars are stars remotely far. My only world is sound.
Passersby are worlds that fly. Far from the dance of time.
Time whirls round from pole to pole and swirls within the sound… of

Oscillations, oscillations
Electronic evocations of sound’s reality

Contributed by Wyatt P. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


I can see the futuristic aspect but this sounds very 1960s still. The percussion style, BPM, their vocals, the sound of their electronic equipment.


They probably wanted to still sell records so they kept it regular. I still think it's pretty fetch. The drums are great. It's just the singer is a bit on the dull side. Not robotic enough and not emotional either.

Valerio Fabbroni

@Davor Čihak Don't know how to begin with her: The sound of their electronic equipment is so '60s.
In Latin there's something like consecutio temporum that seems to be a bit neglected nowadays, too many Gigabyte at a time could be a little disturbing.

Davor Čihak

This sounds like a second wave of Detroit techno (1987-late 90's) with psychedelic vocals.
Melodic instruments are very repetitive and disturbing, like something Jeff Mills would do.

𓂀 ᴛⷮ aͣ uͧ rͬ aͣ 𓂀

The fact that this is the first EDM song ever is impressive, even for its time. It sounds old, but it could also easily pass for a modern song trying to sound old. Its pretty inventive

Tan Tan

no, it was the Dr who theme (1963)

Astro Zombie

The fact that I just discovered this about five minutes ago depresses me. It's incredible!

Intangible Assets / Biased Muzik

I'm the last one for now, 47 y.o. spinning (& collecting) computerised music since '95 producing my own stuff since '00, assumed I knew all there is to know about it...

Dusko Dugousko

free music

wafer ion

Joining the party now. This is something I think I should have been aware of for ages, already...

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