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A Live Nativity Scene
Six Gallery Lyrics

Someone should tell you
about what you've said before.
Keep it like a secret.
But act like you mean it.

If this is the "big time",
the sin and the sacred,
where fair is a point of view,
take what you get.

Yeah I get the "punchline",
it's thin and it's faded.
Is it all the same to you, asleep in bed?

I'd say you'd be wrong.

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Comments from YouTube:

C-Jay Eastwood

This band needs to come back.

Alex Klein

They came back in 2017. As of October 2018, they were working on new material and have been posting sporadic updates since. Hopefully, they'll actually release something new one day!

C-Jay Eastwood

+Scott Kay Twin Galaxies - Delta Sleep, weve been talking - enemies, bay faction - bay faction, well be alright - fight cloud, simple structures - fight cloud, american football - american football, Animals - This town needs guns, Dissapointnent island - TTNG, sun life - cleanup, anthology - colour, angle - elephant gym, it would be worth your time to download all these albums. Hope this gives you a nice start!

Daniel Kay

just found out about this band. you have any other similar suggestions?


i love this band, i wish they were still making music

Will Vokac

we have tabs in our facebook photos. They are just my parts, but this song is there. As well as many other fine songs.

Brian Bowhay

American Football is responsible for so much mischief

Anthony Lowe

They're officially coming back!!!

Strabby Crabby

where can I read about it?


This song will always be one of the greatest songs ever recorded.

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