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Slow Down
Skip Marley Lyrics

Slow down
Girl, let me love you

Darling, I care
I care for you
More than my own self
Darling, I'll share
I'll share with you
All goodness and wealth
Said we can have just one night
Or we can one whole life
If we play it cool, yeah
We can have that one thing
Or we can have everything
If our hearts are true

Girl, slow down
Girl, let me love you
Darling, slow down
Let me get to know you

Baby, I've been fantasizing
Just looking in your eyes
You know I'm looking for more
And you're what I've been praying for
This kind of love don't come around like this
I'm not one to play around like this
It's so real
And I love how it feels, I

Love it when we slowly sway
I love it when we think the same thing
I love the way we move
The way we move
We can have every night, yeah
We can have every day
Ooh, I want you too
I need you

Darling, slow down (slow down, slow down)
Let me love you, girl (let me love)
Slow down (slow down, slow down)
Let me get to know you

I wanna see you tomorrow
Not just the thrill of today
Don't let our love just be borrowed, no
This is the choice that we take

Girl, slow down
Why don't ya, don't ya, don't ya?
Let me love you (I need you, you, you)
Darling, slow down (slow down)
Let me get to know you
(Let me get to know you)

Hey, we can have just one night
Or we can have one whole life
If we play it cool
Cool (so cool, oh)
We can have that one thing
(We can have that one thing)
We can have everything
(We can have everything)
If our hearts are true

(Slow down)
(Slow, slow down, slow down)

Lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
Written by: Gabriella Wilson, Marley Minto Skip, Nasri Tony Atweh, Ryan Williamson, Bibi Bourelly

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Comments from YouTube:

Nick Battle

Used to be a fan, but after hearing this masterpiece I'm a whole air-conditioner now!

sonya harris

Lol. Can't even respond to this.

mc 4🌻


D Glorious

Hahaha. Good one. 😅


That is soooo my kinda humor!!!


I Love It!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Keenan Bryant

That Marley blood line is one of the strongest in human history lol

HisgoldenAngel_ 2021



I stay in Miami and have known many of them (boy they are a big family here, and in general. Like Trick Daddys) and u are right. Everyone here seems to know one or knows someone that's knows one lol. But they are always known ya feel me. That bloodline is something else.

Ps. They got their personal weed bloodline that u can't buy that is some of the best I ever smoked lol no lie. And that ain't no secret for anyone thinking I be sayin too much... sucka.


@Original Light that fool didn't get what, I thought to be, an obvious inference. Best not waist your time on dem simpletons you know what I'm sayin?

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