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Slowdive Lyrics

Listen close, and don't be stoned
I'll be here in the morning
Cause I'm just floating
Your cigarette still burns
Your messed-up world will thrill me
Alison, I'm lost
Alison, I said we're sinking
There's nothing here but that's okay
Outside your room, your only sister's spinning
But she lies, tells me she's just fine
I guess she's out there somewhere
And the sailors they strike poses
TV covered walls, and so slowly
With your talking and your pills
Your messed-up life still thrills me
Alison, I'm lost
Alison, I'll drink your wine
I wear your clothes, when we're both high
Alison, I said we're sinking
But you laugh and tells me it's just fine
I guess she's out there somewhere

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i dont think she is..... 😔


"I'll wear your clothes when we're both high". I wish you the best!


idk man 😔

Ryan Krankowski

I cannot understand why critics hated everything they did during their time. These songs are incredible. Those idiots are responsible for this band flaming out before they should have.

ahshdjt wjjdjfjejs

@Chōjūrō youve never heard grunge passed nirvana to make that sort of judgement. I quite like both souvlaki and loveless as well as dirt and ten. The alternative music of the 90s for the most part was good all around. I think alot of people in this comment thread are about as narrow minded as the critics who panned slowdive without ever listening to souvlaki or their first ep. Being open to all kinds of music is nothing but beneficial for you.

ahshdjt wjjdjfjejs

@Alberto ; yeah layne staley wailing about wanting to kill himself and heroin is actually quite sensitive and vulnerable shit to put out there as an artist. P.s. i dont think grunge exclusively killed shoegaze... the truth is alt rock(which shoegaze also happens to be) exploded into popularity in the 90s and not all of those bands were grunge. In fact most of them were not even grunge. Tool was a huge one. As was Nine inch nails and ministry and those bands arent grunge at all. Truthfully britpop one of possibly the worst genres to ever emerge destroyed shoegaze. When loveless dropped in 91 and for slowdives first ep they both got decent reviews from critics and by this time alice in chains had a radio hit with man in the box, soundgarden was already on a major label, pearl jam had put out ten, and nirvanas nevermind was already out. The critics turned against shoegaze once britpop came along as it was the new "cool" british music at the time as opposed to shoegaze which was seen as uncool from that point on in the 90s. Anyways dont blame shoegaze fading on grunge. Grunge has some pretty good bands and were never in intentional competition with shoegaze and were not even a worthwhile factor in shoegazes fall. Blame britpop.

Alberto ;

@Ahmad Rushdan grunge is p sensitive bro.


it was not valid criticism... grunge and britpop took the mainstream that era... thats it, although I always though Shoeagaze was better than both


they did not disband because of critics

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