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Corporate Slave
Snog Lyrics

The winds will blow
The profits go down
I'm out of work
My daughter will drown
There's stree in my heart
Blood on your hands
Pushing up hill
Against the company man

Well I'm just a hard working corporate slave
My mind should hate what my body does crave
Well I'm just a humble corporate slave
Driving myself into a corporate grave

Its raining
In corporate heaven
All the coffers are a singing

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Comments from YouTube:


Nice song to listen to while reading e-mails monday morning.


Marilyn Manson owes his entire career to this band.

Vincent Sander

Skinny Puppy, NIN, Ministry, etc.


Also Fad Gadget, Skinny Puppy, and the pile of glam rock.

EYE music band

this was a global classic for many years in industrial nightclubs - I must have been requesed to play it at every club (or I did anyway as it filled the dancefloor) for about 8 years and most clubs I went to elsewhere played this and several other Snog songs.


i absolutely hate how i had to watch an ad before this song.

Cern Stormrunner


Bobobobi Bobobobo

"My mind should hate what my body does crave."

Bobobobi Bobobobo

All minds are leashed from birth...forcefully pointed in a SINGLE direction.

Do what I did, and say fuck that.

Scott Cote

The thing I like the most about Snog is their funky beats. Their songs are catchy as hell.

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