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That Who You Are
Sntz feat. Soundivers Lyrics

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Алекcей Бекетов

Слава Господу Богу за столь чудесный мир,
Слава Господу Богу за каждое дыхание,
Слава Господу Богу за каждого человека что с Ним,
Слава Господу Богу за каждый день творения,
Слава Господу Богу за каждую звезду во вселенной,
Слава Господу Богу за каждое мгновение на Земле,
Слава Господу Богу за каждую каплю Его благодати,
Слава Господу Богу за все что мы имеем, всем Его благословения, укрепления и только света, мира и добра! Славься Господь Бог во все времена, аминь 🙏🏻😊

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sampreet naik

IAM Indian,I belong to Sikh family but I believe Jesus is only one who is our saviour and our creator .. amen

beatrice jsm

Yes He is indeed...word of God become flesh 🙏🙏🙏

yonas Ayalkie

Nis bro. Gad bilesiu

Allas Chi

Bless you.♥️

Alvin Plays


megan hornbuckle

BEautiful i need to fix mine

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Marwan Yehya

I was Muslim, but I decided to have open conversation with Christians and one guy prayed for healing my back and I had this beautiful feeling in my body and my pain was gone. I’m thankful that I found Jesus

Eros Wolf

@Marwan Yehya as i said we know and believe in him but we follow the last messenger of God (Allah). i hope u find ur way back my friend.

Marwan Yehya

@Eros Wolf may you find the true Jesus my friend, it’s a different way of life that you will have once you know him

Eros Wolf

Jesus pbuh was a prophet and prophet Muhammad pbuh was the last one with the complete holy Qur'an. we believe in Jesus pbuh as Muslim but we also believe Muhammad pbuh was also a prophet and the last one. I hope u find ur way back to Islam my brother and may Allah forgive our sins

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