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I Miss You
SoYou Lyrics

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GOTTA GO (Oops! Oh nana) 매일 아침 걱정 따위는 zero (lalalala) 누가 뭐라 해도…
Only Once 손안에 불어와 잡힐듯 사라져간/在手心裡吹過 似乎能抓住卻消失了 야속한 바람처럼 멀어진 그대/像是無情的風 你遠去…
Some 가끔씩 나도 모르게 짜증이나 너를 향한 맘은 변하지 않았는데 혹시 내가…
Some feat. 긱스 릴보이 M/V 가끔씩 나도 모르게 짜증이나 너를 향한 맘은 변하지 않았는데 혹시 내가…
Stupid In Love 니 입술이 나를 욕해도 난 아니 아니야 니 마음이 나를 접어도…
Tell Me 내게 말해줘 꼭 다문 너의 그 입술로 말해줘 애틋한 너의 두 눈으로…
一度だけ 손안에 불어와 잡힐듯 사라져간 야속한 바람처럼 멀어진 그대 가슴을 붙잡고 숨죽여서 흐느끼는…

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Sugawara Koushi

He loved her so much.

He was so damn in love with her.

He didn’t want to lose her, he didn’t want to let her go.

He just wanted to keep holding her, like a bear hugging its young.

But, the universe just had to be this cruel, so cruel to give up the dream he had.


A quiet thump sounded through the dorms. They didn't know, they never did. Now, he was laying in a pile of carnations, such pretty flowers. But he couldn't breathe because of them.

Sky Bordeos

I will never give up on you.I will always be there for you just like I was when we 1st met.

After all this time..I still miss you everyday

Just bcoz I don't talk to you doesn't mean I don't miss you.

When I miss you I read our old conversations and smile

I'm missing someone right now and always and that someone is you

I think of you
I need you
I miss you
I love you

Saying I miss you always mean the same I love you

If you really love that person learn how to wait,maybe you're not meant to be together today-but meant to be in the future

Love can happens many times but Truelove only happens once

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All ost from goblin is so touch this song make me miss someone

Gwyneth Quiros

same as you


@Kpop Scenario hi..

Kpop Scenario


Rena Cahya

Crush - Hush

Abdulnasir Muhammad

Big time

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Bless Me Achoo

Remember when the Grim Reaper's spell failed on Sunny because he said that she should forget him and only leaves the happy memories but every memories with him is happy for her. Even when she was dying, she's happy because it was for him.

Anghelica Eunice Moya

this gave me goosebumps then I started crying

Taleofthe Ninetailed

I know it was soo beautiful & sad at the same time 😭

Anushka Raman

Do you realize that you just reminded us about a very painful thing. 🥺 Hi again sadness and depression!!

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