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just like tropica-L
Soft Powers Lyrics

Is it real?
Is it something I can feel?
In the limelight does it show
The colours I can see
Is there something bugging me?
Out of the corner of my eye
I see the light so bright
I feel the breeze at night
Such a cold wind blowing

I feel
As if there's something real
But I feel that I am late
The way it operates
The sun is shining through
The curtains in the hall
I know that it's not solved
If only I'd believe
Such a tropical release

Writer(s): dylan anderson

Contributed by Lauren F. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Soft Powers was a big influence during my formative teenage years as a younger, sillier version of myself. I am now intrinsically much sillier, but the memory of the melody has definitely remained. ‘Just like Tropica-L’ is one of my favourite tracks by them. (dropped @

Beamer Boy

this shit slaps. Heard it at omar apollos concert

Emily Rocha

I hear this music for the first time in a store on the shopping and I LOVE IT

Dominic Romero

You’ve got incredible taste 😎👉👉


0:38 Chulada!

marcus marcus

Can someone tell me the guitar chords at 0:38? loving the shoegaze vibe

Jack James

+Santi Claus 10th fret on E, 11th fret on B, and 12th fret on G

Santi Claus

i dont understand your notation, can u write the complete tab (like x-x-0-2-3-2 for D)

Jack James

101112 e b and g string. I don't know chord names

Jack James

lol tell me if you ever find out :P

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