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Something for Kate Lyrics

I was hanging upside-down from the overpass
Waiting to discover something about the world
I couldn't get with the program
And I couldn't listen to them
It was like trying to think in reverse

And I don't want to slide into apathy
And I don't want to die in captivity
But these monsters
Follow me around
Hunting me down
Try to wipe me out
Wipe me out
Wipe me out
Wipe me out

Yeah I was hiding away underwater
Waiting for distance and buying some time
Trying to be two hundred thousand years younger
So I could excuse myself from human kind
Coz I don't want to be a container
Or a bastard with a ten page disclaimer
But these monsters
Spin me around
Get me down!
Just try to shut me out
Shut me out
Shut me out
Shut me out

Hold it in your hand
Hold it in your hand
Hold it in your hand
Believe it me, believe in it, believe

(Shut me out)
I was hiding away underwater
Waiting for distance, waiting for time.
And I don't want to slide into apathy, and I don't
And I don't want to live in captivity

Ohh ohh ohh, Ohh Ohh Ohhhh
(Shut me out)

Written by: Paul Dempsey, Clint Hyndman, Stephanie Ashworth

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Comments from YouTube:

Scott Howe

Just saw these guys on Rage and it reminded just how underrated as a great Australian band they really are. True artists in the craft.


I remember when they came out in high school. Liked em then and got back into them now. Definitely didn't get the recognition they deserved, but that could have all just come down to marketing.
I dunno, still good music, that or I'm just getting old!


Totally agree & so unique

Jason Mountjoy

In 2012, a friend and i flew from QLD to Perth, purchased a car for $530 and drove it home (cheaper that a hire car), it had a CD player and a CD in it, it was Triple J's hotest 100 2001 and this banger featured. Been a staple in my playlists every since. Cheers to the lad who sold us the car and chucked in that CD 👌


Nice story dude... seems like that isn't a big thing these days. Cheap cars, road trips, friends and music you've never heard before....

The good old days!

shaza burr

this is dope!

Boxxy Lego Playmobil

reminder that the Kate in their bandname is a reference to the singer's childhood dog, who his mother sold once he moved out, telling him Kate ran away. he found a post-it note in his old bedroom that was a reminder to buy "something for kate."


Oh man... that's...

No I'm not crying... go away

Michael Reid

Still such a kick arse song. ❤️


Oh my god Paul, you're getting more and more beautiful. Sorry, I lost control 🤣😎👌🏻

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