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Give It Up
Soundstatues Lyrics

Still you're mine
You forget
What I said I'd do to you
If you tried to turn away
There was never going back from
What you did then, from what you and I were
Cause your love's in pieces
We'll never be this way again

Cause I want you
But I need to
Hate you now
There's no forgiveness
So what to do
When I love you
No I can't see why
There's no forgiveness

Come on girl, you're my play
Don't forget what I do with you
When we try it your way
I know how you like it—cruel
But still you believe
It's nothing you and I were
You're love's in pieces
We'll never be this way again.

Give it up
Give up
Give it up to me
Maybe then you'll see
What you're getting with me
Since you've gone from my life
Since you're gone I'm alright
Still I think I would die
If I'm not with you

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underrated song


I appreciate your support!!

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