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Mario Circuit
Soyo Oka Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

nyanpasu64's old channel

super mario kart is an uncanny valley ost... an abundance of short waves, approaching but not reaching "natural"...

The Flaming Pike

Soyo Oka is one of my favorite video game composers. I was hooked on Ice Hockey's music back when I used to play it on the NES in the late 80's, I loved Sim City's soundtrack and, of course, Mario Kart's, but I had no idea the same person was behind all this great music until internet told me a few years ago. She made very catchy original themes during those years.

Tom Anderson

@DerpDerp3001 I have many favorite composers. Soyo Oka is definitely one of them. Its impossible for me to pick only one.

The Flaming Pike

@DerpDerp3001 I have never stated she was the best. Where did you get that?

The Flaming Pike

@DerpDerp3001 As I said, Soyo Oka is one of my favorites... Among many others. Tim Follin is definitely my #1 influence. :)


Tom Anderson yeah, she’s great, but not the best.

Tom Anderson

@DerpDerp3001 What do you mean? Soyo Oka is great

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The Beesh-Spweesh!

This feels so 1990's.


I wonder why...

Flyin Yoku

I've never heard this soundtrack until now, even being a fan of the series. It gives me this feeling of being totally absorbed into the atmosphere of the game and wanting it to last forever. Mario Circuit in particular has that feeling to it for me.

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