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Sparkee Lyrics


Writer(s): Joel Zimmerman

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Tom W

I mean really this whole bass-line thing has been a great thing for all three parties:

1) Deadmau5 gets some promotion about the fact he streams, and the fact him and his music exists (and especially introduces those who had no clue about him.

2) YouTube channels like Davie504 (as well as a couple of others) as he gets to "prove" deadmau5 wrong (although he did say technically) and have potential growth themselves.

3) Most importantly, the artist (in this case, Sparkee Music) gets recognition (okay yeah arguably through the deadmau5 stream anyway) but there are a few people that will look up the song because of this technical bass-line fiasco, which I think is nothing but great!

(I mean this could confirm the illumanitti as they may have put this thought into deadmau5 but we'll not go there..)

Annnd thats another 10 minutes of my life I will never get back...

Oh - and by the way, really good job dude, love it! :)

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This bassline is so nice, great job man!


Left on seen


boiled chicken




@kazoodac gone mate

yep (͡•_ ͡• )

Davie brought us here

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As a bass player I can truly say this - this is one of the sexiest bass lines I have ever heard. Pure magic


yo im in this rabbit hole right now, can you please recommend more sexy basslines like this?


@Vycikas its why I wanna see more funk samples in hip hop. The bass is far more expressive than just earth shaking thumps, some of them can scream to peirce the heavens.


@LitchQueenAsenath yeah you're right dude :D

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