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Cool Places
Sparks & Jane Wiedlin Lyrics

I want to got to cool places with you
I want to take you cool places tonight
I want to go where nobody's a fool
And no one says uh, "Hey girl, need a light?"

I want to move like this and that
A minimum of chit chat
I never want to cool down, cool down, cool cool cool,
Cool places tonight

I gotta tell you, you're lookin' real good
They let us in so I'm feelin' all right
I like to go where sometimes they refuse
Yeah, I remember last Saturday night

But I'm feeling cooler now
And they could tell we're cooler now
It's obvious we're cooler now, cooler now, cool cool cool,
Cool places tonight

I want to go, I want to go, etc.
I want to go to cool places tonight
I want to go to cool places with you

And after that we'll slip out for a bite
A coffee shop, and toast, coffee and juice
And then we'll sleep 'til 5 p.m.
And start it up all over again
I never want to cool down, cool down, cool cool cool


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Comments from YouTube:


Everything about 2020 makes me miss the '80s.


It was the best!!

ford289 cid

@Scott Robinson: Shut up, Buzzkill. We're talking s videos.

Neal Logan

@TheDude234576 Sounds like you were not around in those days, certainly not as a teenager anyway. Most of us were too concerned with having fun and living life. No point in worrying about something you have no control over anyway, it would only turn you neurotic! Anyway, we knew if we got it, the ballbags on the other side were going to get it too. It was a better time than now, these days some swarthy guy, can start stabbing people walking down the High Street ffs. I know what I would rather have! Anyway we are still in a cold war, nothing really has changed, countries still have nuclear weapons ready to fire at each other.


@LIONS 67 Hey, watch it, pal! "Staring down" at one's phone was a way many of us spent Saturday nights in the '80s! "Ring, damn you, ring!!!!"

Chip Atkinson

This gets truer with every month that passes....

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Al Hollywood

It's impossible to be more '80s than this. KROQ lives!!!


I think of Jim “The Poorman” Trenton when I listened to KROQ as a teen

Kristian Keith

The WORLD FAMOUS KROQ! - Richard Blade. 818 ever!

Blue Silver

Yup, a pretty good poster child. 🎶💚👍😄✌

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