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Sparks The Rescue Lyrics

Girl, you remind me of summertime
But, now you need time to clear your mind
You're tripping over what is wrong and right
Just decide, I've been waiting all night

think back, think back, to the summertime
I would cross through these states lines
You were always on my mind
It should not be this hard to see
How to get from point A to B
Without losing sleep, without losing sleep

I will follow the electric lines
With my electric heart I then will find
A way through all these damn street signs
But I'll be there, I'll wait by your side
Ooo by your side


We spin, we spin
And fall on to the floor
We spin, we spin
And circle round nice more
Though it's making me crazy, yeah

[Chorus x2]


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Comments from YouTube:


wow, i fucking love this band, i can't seem to stop listening to this song :D


oh my god a small part of this song has been stuck in my head for 7 years but i couldnt find this song. i finally found it. feels good man

itsYoboi JR

i miss tap tap revenge. very nice song. and it's 2017 now wtf.


2019 and the songs by this band are bringing me back heartwarming memories <3

Horsepower Enthusiast

Why can't most rock music today have that kind of energetic, fast paced, rock music?! I feel like I'm dead already this year!


mcr,blink 182,fob

Horsepower Enthusiast

Got it.

Leo Chavez

Listen to the strokes and catfish and the Bottlemen they are newer rock bands and I love them!!


Same. This is actually how I write. I hate to put my music in a specific genre, but if people had it, it would be alternative rock. Anyways, nothing seems well inspired anymore. either boring hard rock, posthardcore, or just some other acoustic act or whatever.

Screlon's Piano

TTR3 was magnificent.

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