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Beautiful More So
Spencer Bell Lyrics

Come the end of this June
I'm gonna leave this city for good.
I'm gonna black out all of the pages I wrote
and move on to some better ages, I hope
Do what I can to forget about you
cuz your love un-made me
You loved me so fine in fact
that all it really did was fuck me up real bad
I don't know 'bout what I did possess
that got me so obsessive
I gotta know all about your new squeeze yeah
I gotta know does he call you monkey? yeah
I gotta know does he nibble at your hip-bone? yeah
does he call you beautiful? yeah
does he think you're beautiful? yeah
Does he actually know yeah
You're beautiful more so?
I sure hope so
I've been so tired these days
with loggin' late night sessions
So uninspired these days
I hardly even try to write my own progressions
It's not that easy
not to feel sorry for myself
because honest to God
I do believe this could be
me throwin' away the best thing
that I ever got.
So please don't kick me
if I ever come crawlin' back
My money says I'm never gonna
but with you I'd like to play
on the safe side
You're beautiful more so. You're beautiful more so.

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Comments from YouTube:

Jamie Mueller

SO in love with this song and video. It's so touching to see how much Spencer lives on in all of his family, friends and fans.

Mandi Lewis

These musicians never cease to amaze me....this makes me even more sad that I can't go to the legacy concert (I live too far away and my AICE testing starts a few days after it) I only wish I could have known Spencer, it is obvious that he has inspired people more than anyone can imagine.....I know he has made a difference in my life.....

Anna Stoner

This is so amazing, the song, the video, and the story behind Spencer Bell <3

Monica Goldvan

rip Spencer bells. may you rest in peace my great friend and amazing singer <3

Debby K.

R.I.P. Spencer Bell Jackson this video is brilliant, keep up the good work! (:

Nicola Halsall

what a beautiful song, and I love a video that is visually interesting and that tells a story, you don't want to look away

Mary Felgenhauer-Kraemer

I'm in love! The Legacy show is going to be amazing, and I'm thrilled that I'll get to witness it again.

Pinay Skirt

This is one of the best songs I've heard in a long time!


i cannot even begin to describe how much i love this song. i think ive listened to it thousands of times by now; i just cant help but hit replay button every time

Eliza VM

This song is absolutely beautiful:)

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