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So Cold
Spheric Universe Experience Lyrics

The cold breath in this winter night
Head in sky you see our satellite
You'd like to be a bird for a flight
And you want to share your thoughts with the light

Without force, courage and ideas
Across the bridge, you see her reflect
And you wonder what it is
She's the moon and you have to protect

« As these boats which glide over the ocean
Everynight, close to the sea, the moon gets under way
And her brightness follows her, like a quiet net
Where the blue stars gets caught one by one »

So cold, into the sea
The Sun chased by the Moon
So cold, it's hard to be
Alone this afternoon

From here you see the moonlight
Some people talk about the darkside
Over there appears the earthlight
But you'd rather discover hidden side

« It was, in a brownnight
On the yellowed steeple
The Moon
Like a dot on an i »

So cold, into the sea
The Sun chased by the Moon
So cold, it's hard to be
Alone this afternoon .

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Comments from YouTube:

Lord of Terror

3:38 to 3:45 that is a copy (or tribute) of a passage from a Dream Theater's theme. Do anyone remeber which one?

Carlos Rosante

O vocal é bem melhor que o do Dream Theater


vdd! a falha do DT é o vocal, ainda mais ao vivo q é pessimo. mas VANDEN PLAS possui o melhor vocal deste genero e é a melhor banda de longe


excelente cancion!!


conheço spheric Universe tb há anos. muito bem tocada.......mas nao é superior a D.T ( e ambas acho um pouco leves no peso mas ótimas)..mas enfim é sim muito boa. mas VANDEN PLAS supera as duas brincando



Ignacio Cángelo

Paradise de Angra

Luis Ortiz

Ignacio Cángelo no

Banda Sea of Flames SoF

baita banda meu essa não sai do meu playlist


tb indico MYRATH na linha prog: uma banda prog da TUNISIA! q toca metal prog árabe! indico as musicas wide shut, merciless time e believe!

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