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Too Good To Be True
St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review Lyrics

When I walk down the street in the evening
They′re comin' after me
You′ve got to trust in me - I'm not deceiving
They won't let me be

I tell them that I got a man
But they don′t seem to understand
Believe me, babe, I′m doing all I can
But the pressure's more than I can stand

You know that you are still my greatest treasure
You are my favorite guy
But why should I deny yet another pleasure
You wanna make me cry?

The boys all tell me it′s a shame
In fact, they think you're kinda lame
Because I am a foxy, high class dame
I deserve the best and rest cause it′s mine to claim

Well they tell me
Yes, they tell me
While they woo
I'm just too good to be true
I′m just too good to be true
I'm just too good to be true

Because I have another date on Thursday
Is it really such a crime?
Will be together every minute Friday
Can't have all my time

I guess it′s true ′bout what they say
When the cat is out the mice will play
It's uncool to be controlling anyway
Just relax and unwind, you will find that it′s better this way

Well, I'm sorry
I′m so sorry
Don't be blue
I′m just too good to be true
I'm just too good to be true
I'm just too good to be true

Writer(s): k., davis, j., limonov

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