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Star Trek
Star Trek Lyrics

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Aleman feat. Gogo Ras Estilo Puro Pesado Como Él Disco Atek Más Mexicanos Que Él…
Alexander Courage and Jerry Goldsmith What's it all about, this crazy love How did our two…
BA'AL The new times have brought wealth and wisdom to every…
BAAL The new times have brought wealth and wisdom to every…
E.G.O. Beeping of alert signal Ensign: Captain, the transporters …
G.O.S Beeping of alert signal Ensign: Captain, the transporters …
G.S.O. Beeping of alert signal Ensign: Captain, the transporters …

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LKLM Media

We Will.
But First Jackson:
I want a status report
I want to know what happened
I want to know what weapons we have and what needs Fix'n
I wanna know whats on that planet, We have to assume that it's all related
And I'm not leaving this ship until someone brings be a Deep Fried Burito.
Sutherland Go get me Chimichanga
I need to know what we do and Don't have and right now I don't have a Burito.
Burito Briefing in 1 Hour

Joe Satchton

Those with courage and vision, DO. Those without either of those traits come on youtube to troll and hurl insults.

This was a 100 minute labor of love - created by fans with the guts, determination and skill to pay homage to a beloved fictional universe.

The only legitimate reaction to this film should be admiration.

Will this film win any Oscars? No. Should Tom Hardy, Christian Bale, Charlize Theron and the like be worried for their jobs? No. Is the screenwriting sublimely perfect? No.

Did the production crew have millions of dollars to play with? Very likely also no.

Judge things for what they are - stop making useless comparisons to big budget films.

Team, THANK YOU. Incredible job everyone. CONGRATULATIONS!


Arianwen Annya

Star Trek - Horizon (2020) f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E 1080p 4k Ultra
>> -movieULTRA4k

Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre.??

Gregory Byrne

I would like to see a film where aliens crash landed on earth and in order to survive our harsh climate and gravity. These lizard aliens blended their DNA with the indigenous species of earth using the Dendera temple light bulb crisper dna splicing technology.

Covid is the Baby BOOMERS turned Seniors Bust due to Seasonal FLU and old age

Milankovitch cycles cause climate change and when the Precession of the earths north star aligns the equator with the solar orbital plane the gravitational pull of the SUN will pull Global tsunami's around the planet East to west again.

Solar sails are rebranded Znamya solar spotlight satellites

Hayabusa & Osiris-Rex satellites are designed to change the trajectory of the bennu asteroid.

BLM is a divide & conquer humanity tactic

Antifa are paid mercenaries

Humanity; playthings of the alien gods.


wkrepelin It's bad. Firstly the tired old canard of 'let's see you do better' doesn't count. You don't need to be a chef to know when your eggs are rotten and you don't need to be a director be a film critic. Though I have done both. The camera is hugging all the cast. Constantly cutting off the heads of the crew. The field of focus blurring used to try to hide the cgi backgrounds is so massively overdone as to constantly draw the eye and distract from the horrible performances. The last thing you should look, when a fireball is bearing down on you propelled by a gravemetric distortion, is bored. Scared, focused, excited even... Not bored.

This is a problem with all the lines. Delivered as if reading a book in class. Flat delivery, pause, flat reply, pause, flat response. Even Shatner could do better.

The defense for these sins are, ofcourse, that this is a fan made movie working with a tiny budget and little skill but a lot of passion. That's fine. I came here expecting a fan flick and that's what I got. However, lunatics in the comments claiming this touches any professional commercial release of Star Trek, even the animated series, are massively deluded.

Any fool who thinks this has acting or script that even comes close to any of the real shows simply doesn't know how to judge such things.

I applaud the tenacity and drive of the fans that made this, not their work.

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The 8-Bit Guy

The movie was very enjoyable. I'd like to see more adventures with the crew of the Discovery.

Mirek Fe

Wow! I didn't think I'd find you here, David.

Although I understand I'm answering a 4 year old comment, at this point.


+The 8-Bit Guy And the cute Romulan chic.

Paul Lang

I figured to chime in again as the film tops 13mil views. Most of the comments are about the acting and to be honest yes at times it comes across as flat and/or disconnected. The most difficult aspect was that the vast majority of scenes were green screen with only one actor at a time. That is difficult for even the most seasoned actors. In the movie when you have more than one cast member in the scene you have more emotional connection and better pace of dialogue. This was shot over the span of a year, mostly one actor at a time in a basement. The outside shots, the final scene and some of the scenes aboard the Horizon were the only shots with multiple actors on the set. Anyone who has ever made an actual movie can truly appreciate the fact that Tommy got this done. There are many other fan films, several that are Star Trek based, that were either much shorter or had way bigger budgets and still never even made it to completion. To my knowledge this is the most viewed Star Trek fan film out there. For perspective, Tommy was offered a great job in LA before this was even completed because a well known SFX expert saw the talent. All in all everyone involved had a great time and they all should be proud of the work they did. LLAP


Any movie sans Abrams or Kurtzman is a good one!

lonnie 5000

This has the potential to be a good movie.....BUT... the acting is absolutely awful. I mean its really bad. So bad it ruins everything to the point I cannot watch or finish it.

max Payne

I'm just glad to have any good scifi I believe the key to happiness is lowered expectations. The monument is on Planet Claire the trees are all purple there they drove a Plymouth Satellite faster than the speed of light

Kirk Johnson

Attention on Deck !! To the Makers of this Movie Well Done to the Whole Crew !! Captain Kirk.

kity kite

best of star trek tv series

Demetrus Smith

My favorite TV show I use to watch this in 1998 while I was a kid

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