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State Shirt Lyrics

Do you even compute?

Future home
Future alone

Luau for the rome plows.

Future home
Future alone

Even if kills you
Turn it off
It's a human interest
That's spikes to you

Future home
Future alone

Contributed by Stella W. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


I found this years and years ago and recently (for a couple years now) I’ve been trying to remember the name of it and after realizing I was probably never going to hear it again I randomly just came across it by complete accident. This brings back some buried memories....holy shit. Thank you for this song.


I appreciate you letting people use this for free

Logan Mohler

he's such a generous, nice guy. I've seen he comments on his videos and says thank you to his fans, and answers any questions they have for him

yana heinstein

one of the best songs i heard , favorite track at the moment


first song i heard by SS and still my favorite!

Michelle Stanton

love this song and artist!

State Shirt

Thanks so much! :)

Michael Björk

This should be on Sub Pop Records!

Natalie Davis

Love this song. :)

Nikita Filatov

love this song

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