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Public Defender
by State of Alert

You see a cop coming
You better look quick
He's gunna hit you with a stick
It doesnt matter what you've done
Youre just a summer full of fun

Man in Blue he's coming for you
Sirens red, youre gunna be dead
Man in Blue, He's coming for you
Sirens red, Youre gunna be Dead

Got yoor car he looks inside
Asks you where you've been tonight
He dont like you, everyone knows
He dont like your hair, he dont like your clothes

Contributed by Alaina W. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Are you crazy Wendel?


I know all about Ron Reyes being in Black Flag, I just saw a random comment saying "What about Ron Reyes?" so the first thing coming to my head was that


bravo 5/5


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lol my mom managed Lethal Intent


Im not sure why you would reply to a comment this old, but as I recall, I was talking about Black Flag with the other guys in the comments... Ron Reyes was on vocals for Black Flag if you didnt' know


Man Codename Kids Next Door took a dark turn.

Erick S

The adults have had enough of their shit.

martin evensen

Great video thanks for the effort


kool vid. 5 stars!

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