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Russian Doll
Stay-C Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Russian Doll' by these artists:

Dead Blonde I love your fucking money You wanna touch my body I love…
I Am Giant I don't want you to worry I'm not gonna say The words…
Jealous of the Birds I wish I was bolder Full of red, yellow, and blue Ciagarillo…
Mark Berube Rainbow child Finds applause She takes her time, in the…
Rialto Like a Russian doll It's so hard to tell What goes on…
Wojcik Russian doll, Russian doll, Russian doll( You don't care, yo…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Stay-C:

LIKE THIS Nights like this I can't let go Told me I'm fine on…
LOVE FOOL Why do fools fall in love? Why do birds sing so…
Slave To The Music Slave to the music I'm a slave to the music Take your…
SO WHAT Fuck up Then we yelling out so what, so what We gon…

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Comments from YouTube:

UKF Drum & Bass

The Future Symptoms series is our favourite VA project from Hospital Records in a while!! Can't wait to see who's on the next edition 👀

Hospital Records


Rene Stacey King

Big ups UKF! Thank you kindly for the upload 🙌🏽🙏🏽 this has well and surely made my day, my week and maybe my year 😁 much love


@Rene Stacey King just heard back this amazing song, it's super nostalgic since I've heard it when summer started.. ;)


i'm Very Here for that cheeky percussion


@Rene Stacey King ohhhhhh
Yep it all makes sense now
Small question, have you tried dubstep before? 🙂

Rene Stacey King

@Anthony I developed a palette of sounds that I wanted to have in this track. I worked quite a lot on the arrangement - more than normal as this is usually a weak point of mine. As I tried to make the track flow and make the sounds work together, I envisioned the song as a Russian Doll, unpacking layers to reveal another texture, sound or mood beneath it while still being of the same essence. Hope that makes sense x


@Rene Stacey King soooo gooood
But why the song is called Russian doll? Just curious 😅

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"BIIIG CHOON" - Loving this!! 🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊


Good to see Stay-C on UKF, been following her stuff on Soundcloud for a while.

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