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Nobody Knows
Stephen Smith Lyrics

The world is cold, the block is hot
My dad is gone, so hug the block
Scope the spot, I pick the lock
Home invasion was the plot
Squeeze the (Bleep), hit the lick
Make the drop
Fuck the cops, I ain't never ran from shit
To get rich you gotta take them risks
I got a case pending on me right now
Shout out to my brother he just made it out of trial
I need to fight the power, but I want this Lamborghini
And a big booty girl, but her waist is really teenie
Got a semi-automatic for static
I'm Virgil Hawkins, Bang Baby Bang Baby
I don't go out much, I'm too crazy
Pussy ass niggas getting clapped round here
Don't you ever bring your ass round here
Apparatus, real strict round here
MAC-11 on the dresser
We goin' see you in the paper if you being extra extra
Read about it, fuck the judge and the county
Got the glizzy for the drama
I'ma do this for my momma
Came a long way from dope boy scales and marijuana
Only thing left is baking soda on the counter

Get adapt to the case loads of crack
The yayo the smack
The face blows the gats
Smell that, we cook it until it smell flat
Vaseline it up and ship it out in gel packs
If god love niggas why he put us in this trap
Why he made the black man with a target on our back
Introduce me to this crack put my sister on the track

But nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
But nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows

A young black man mind be racing
Understand that I need pollination
We don't do the idle conversation
That's abomination
Everybody not gon' like you, fuck world domination fam you sound like Satan
Glory be to god, I'm non-adjacent
The combination got me confident, despite the matrix
Despite the metrics I'm invested nigga, what's that fragrance
It smell like bitch in here, we got tents we can pitch in here
I'm just trying to be patient
Not trying to be Jacob, even though I could just take it
Give it to 'em naked and they forsake it
And for a second
Niggas question but the training hyperbolic
So you see it I don't got to say shit
And I don't play much
Fragile manhoods can't take jabs so, I don't play fight
I'm on my play write
I scribble poetry, you see the action
It's like a picture you don't need the caption
She said you get me I could start relaxing
Like a perm or a burn nigga not playing
Three Hebrew boys got the hot hand
And I'm feeling Willy Wonka take the top off
And I'm selling soil nigga ain't no drop off

Written by: Jayson Jenkins

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Comments from YouTube:

London Morris

Found this gem on Spotify had to add it to my workout Playlist. keep putting out fire bro.

Sincere Stanley

I play this everyday 💯💯

Stephen Smith

Appreciate you fam

Joe Ford

When people say there's no good rap anymore or rap isn't the same. Send them this song and tell them the rappers with lyrical presences just aren't noticed like they should be anymore. Stephen Smith is underrated af


This needs to blow up already



Miles Holland


_olegster _

Sick beat and raps , very good nice :)


This is one of the first songs I listened to after I attempted suicide. Yeah, all I could say was, "Nobody knows, NOBODY knows." I'm thankful to be alive today.

Stephen Smith

Glad you still here 🙏🏾

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