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Give It Up
Stephen the Levite Lyrics

Give It Up 委ねる
GIVE IT UP! Consider what the Father has given us
in His Son: every spiritual blessing and we live it up
IS IT JUST? No. It's His mercy without a limit bruh
this is what the Infinite does when the Son is risen up

GIVE IT UP! consider what the Son had to give for us
laid it down so they couldn't take it, He gave it willing cuz
CHEA! wrappin' His eternality up in limits bruh
livin' with the sinners who hated His ever-living guts

GIVE IT UP! This is His mission, Jesus was sent for us
He was given a body simply so He could get it crushed
STRIPPED TO NOTHIN', beaten by heathens Jesus was whipped and struck/ He was marked as a target not an artist of fisticuffs

GIVE IT UP! Disfigured visage, his figure's ripped and cut
flogged and now attached to a cross, He would call it "lifted up"
UH! our forgiveness is hidden up in His drippin' blood
more than just a trickle a river of God's provision. what!

(GIVE IT UP!) We need your time, talents and treasures
whatever you have to offer is awesome, all in together
now, (RUN IT FAM!) ‘cause it was never yours to begin wit'
you've been given a gift to pitch in for every one's benefit

(GIVE IT UP!) He became poor so we could be rich, this is the steez of the Kingdom, no greed, we need to be spen (BREAK YOURSELF FAM!) Give us what you've been given to give us
not a stick up, but it's robbery if you don't leave it wit us

GIVE IT UP! If you're a husband, this one is meant for us
this is the depiction you're sent to live when considered one
with another sister, it's in the scriptures so dig it up
This is what commitment is, and it's bigger than gettin' some

GIVE IT UP! Your role is totally sacrificial bruh
See what Jesus did in the crucifixion and mimic much
LISTEN UP! Marriage is meant for men not the pimps or punks
enterin' wìll selfish intentions, dippin when it gets rough
GIVE IT UP! This is the mission of every Christian Husband
livin' with the sister and gettin' her while you give her love
with your lips and visual, it's missional and it's tough/
but in Genesis commission begins in the crib with us
GIVE IT UP! when I get time I'll get to specific stuff/ But I think it's needed for me to leave it and switch it up/ CHEA! just remember the picture that's painted with His blood/ don't just give your women a little, give ‘em a crimson flood//
GIVE IT UP! If you're a Christian then you're a member of/ His physical witnesses sent to finish His mission up/ CHEA! Paul would call us His body with many limbs and functions/ workin' and servin' till He returns in the endin' but// GIVE IT UP! until His Kingdom comes and the mission's done/ we volitionally and sacrificially give ‘em us/ GET ‘EM BRUH This is something we struggle with and it's tough/ but much is required from us because we've been given much// GIVE IT UP!
many chip in a little like it's enough/ Sunday cameo visits with the kids and your fifty bucks/ WHAT! they don't know what your gift is and your attendance sucks/ and fifty is less than a tenth
of what you could spend for lunch/ GIVE IT UP! listen to membership if you didn't bruh/ are you wit us or just a consumer of religious stuff?
/ GIVE IT UP! the church doesn't work with that independent junk/ stop bein' a leech and thief and try to contribute somethin'//

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Comments from YouTube:

WB DeSue

This is street corner gospel...GO STL!

Guy Troup

Dope track!

Guy Troup

Dope track!


was tryin to find deadbeat and i cant find it. wonder if anyone is gonna upload it

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