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Arrival To Earth
by Steve Jablonsky

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Phil Battiste

"These people are primative. A violent, cruel race."

"Were we so different?"

Noa Terrettaz

Patryk Smialek lollllll

Patryk Smialek

@Noa Terrettaz Becouse of Obi-Wan?

Archangel of RA

@Multiverse Warrior hard to argue with that

Multiverse Warrior

@Archangel of RA That's true. But even Megatron is Cybertronian. If he considers humans as violent, then the Cybertronians are even more so. Although he is right in hesitating to help us considering what humans did to them for all their sacrifice. But the point still stands tho.

Archangel of RA

@Multiverse Warrior depending on the continuity most of the time Megatron was directly responsible for the planets death

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Phillip Bob John

0:48 when you think you’re alone on the first day of school but the homies start showing up

Rizky fajar dwiyana

@Ish Kazetori ok elite

Vinul Naveen

@mrlegkick666 guess you were alone, weak

panithi changkiaw

This is feel good

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