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Arrival To Earth
Steve Jablonsky Lyrics

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Johnny Quick Fan

I love all these most favorite is
1: 1986 Transformers theme song
2: Arrival to earth
3: Tessa
4: Optimus Primes death
5: The Touch
I am pretty sure all of us can agree 0:47 is a very catchy part

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This is a shoutout to all the boys who grew up in the late 2000s. The times of transformers, playstation 3, linkin park, pirates of the carribean, old call of duty may be over. But they are not forgotten, may they forever dwell in our memories.

Youngling slayer

@John Bennett your right but for once lets not do this and just enjoy how good those times were

Ray Vanetteger

1998 kid

Ray Vanetteger

Forever in our hearts it maybe gone but these was the greatest moments of my life

Ogi Teo



@gugauniverse you aren't early 2000

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Val Mid

Four types of soundtracks that unite Transformers fans:
1. The Touch
2. Humbling River
3. Arrival to Earth
4. Any TF series intros


5. Autobots reunited

0lamilekan Adewoyin

Can't stop the tears 😢 from flowing from my face I feel like the child I was just listening to this song


What about the 80's soundtrack in Bumblebee ?

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