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This Is More
Stick to Your Guns Lyrics

This is more than a pulse beneath my wrist or a beat beneath my ribs this is something that cant be given away
Because whats life for some is not right for some but either way we can overcome and not be killed by our own mistakes
We cant let this be our death
Because our differences will be our expenses too relieve us and achieve something for us to believe
We have been put up on the shelf its such a sad day when we need to save each other from ourselves
Rest assured that with a heart thats pure well be victorious and not let our hate get the best of us

Contributed by Ian H. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Omar Hashmi

2020, we still here!

Omar Hashmi

@Demiigodd Agreed 100 percent!!


yeah dude! always sucked that the song is so short but damn those vocals and drumming still stand the test of time

Suzanne Rlnds

2018, I'm still here.
13 years later. #marriedtothenoise ;)


Same! Never left, will always remain.

David Casely

reminds me of being 16 and first getting into hardcore, good times!

Katie Mcweeny

Same here, I’m 30 now...was 16 when this came out in 06...amazing times

Valerie Corske

David Casely hello to you, I'm feeling old 👴


yeah like me @ 23


this. song. will. never. die.

im so happy i got to see it live.

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