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Silver Surfer
Stimming Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Silver Surfer' by these artists:

Cloven Hoof I blaze across the heavens, Into the great unknown. Riding …
Infernal Silver surfer With a silver tongue Giving us a look into …
Solitair [Talking] Yeah Yeah Solitair, Solo, Yeah,So? [Solitai…

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Die Taube auf dem Dach Die Freiheit in der Hand Eine Taube auf dem Dach Nackte Füße…
Melodica I can get your heart beat beat-beat-beatin' like I can get…

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Comments from YouTube:


the best track of stimming!!

S C I E N I D E 1995 [dEEP & dUB]

2020 Still on of the most unusual minimal tech tunes out there 💣

Boris Ciobirca

That's the tune I use to rate a good pair of headphones 🤯

balanescu radu

this is the kind of song that you really enjoy after the 5th 6th listen.... try Sascha Funke vs. Nina Kraviz - Moses (Stimming Remix) best work of stimming


2019 about to be 2020 still vibing to this

Lee Barker

is it just me or when you hear a sick tune like this you listen to it at least 3 times in a row. 6 STARS.............

Mark M

8 years later and I'm still listening to this. What a masterpiece of minimal house.


maybe the best sounds ever in my ears!!! thnx stimming

Jadine Patrick

i love track its the iiiish it can never sieze to amaze me got mad love 4 stimming


@peiky100 Bobby deep mate, Bobby deep :) I would also recommend Yvel and Tristan, Loco Dice, Christos Fourkis and Chris Nemmo. Do lemme knw how you feel abt em :)

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