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Thief & the Hourglass
by Stolas

Couldn't sever your sadistic ways
I wanted to burn the things that I can't change
If I could empty my brain,
I'd never come back.

As I rot in this cage,
Like fresh mold wrapped in its discourse,
Where everything said is being monitored
By the sadistic cold machine.

Every breath incites that the flames burn bright,
And death invites me every day.

It came back around like clockwork,
Translucent in its descent.
I could see that all is one,
And that hate was different.

I could lean over and stare into my soul.
It was deep like a well,
And in the darkness, I heard a voice.
It was telling me to leave.

As I rot in this cage,
I can't run. I just wait.

I made my escape
The voice caught up to me
It led me to my demons
It brought me to my knees

As I rot in this cage,
I can't run. I just wait.

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