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Spanish Bay
Strawberry Girls Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Strawberry Girls:

Fight Club Wondering Wondering Wondering alone Dreaming Dreaming Dreami…
Swimming Pools Pour up (drank), head shot (drank) Sit down (drank), stand u…
Transparent Sea Hard to be sincere, a year's not too long, I see…
Visual Therapy Ohhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhh The only place my mind is at ease with y…

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Comments from YouTube:


This song is unbelievable. And I thought I knew all of the good instrumental prog rock bands.. Just bought this album.

Jose Valencia

You're not alone! I just found them today! God bless music and it's lovers!

Anthony Hewitt

@Selling Soul 5 Bucks lol really??? they werent really popular last time i checked which was like a decade ago Im pretty outa the loop. Im just naming good bands. Guy lookin for good music.

Selling Soul 5 Bucks

@Anthony Hewitt why are you mentioning the most popular bands? Everyone who knows them


i guess you could try The Physics House Band, saw them live at a miniature venue and it was superb!

John Creates Content

you know nothing hansol

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Alex G

having vocals doesn't make a better band, having no vocals doesn't make a better band


I would say there is a much higher probability of vocals making a band suck.

Selling Soul 5 Bucks

"Better" in art is kind of invalid anyways. You can't accurately rate art unless it's based on personal preference.

Lucas McGuckin

I don't care enough to hear people sing about bullshit instrumentals is where it's at

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