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Hatcher Creek
by Strawberry Runners

This is where I can do what I want
This, this is where, this is where nobody cares
This is - my log, I sit on top
There's moss underneath, you can look if you want

This is where I got grown up
And, this is where, this is where no one found out
And this is where I ran off
It's where I skipped school, it's where everything's cool

I bet you wish you were me
‘Cause I've got everything a kid needs
And nobody to tell me
What - what's what

My dad keeps us up at night
And he kicks us hard when we try to hide
And my brother cries and I hold him close
And I hold him tight I say it's alright, baby.

This is where I grew up
When he fell through the ice and I saved his life
And I wrapped him up in a braided rug
And I begged him, please don't you tell no one

Our dad would kill me if
He knew I let this happen
I know how much he loved him

I would'a run would'a run away
But I couldn't leave you
And I had more reason, I guess, to stay
Than I would own up to
So I don't blame you

I go down to the creek when it's hot
Catchin' crawdads till they all get caught
Just sit in the shade till the school bell rings
And the kids get loose and they all come runnin'

I remember when Matty swiped
The tire from the car lot and tied it right
And we hung it down from the sycamore tree
And we swung it all night over Hatcher Creek

So don't you go home
You don't know what you'd be missing
I'm never gonna kiss you

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