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The Mercury Craze
Subtle Lyrics

When last we left him...

Our hero yes was recently diagnosed as being last haver

Of a most unusual sort of blood.

Quite surprised by the news himself,

(and still the genuinely unlucky man)

He now wields his one and only body bag

Of this, his now very rare blood.

And so, we find him seated not starved but smalled,

Before a really rather serious spread...

His evening's eats have been copped and bequeathed

By the richest of rich who's only child is especially sick...

Their fair scared parent eyes reading weak...

Yelling help across some 200 feet of set table

Yours far full of edge... perfectly still like straight teeth

It seems so few would know just what to do as the new and improved lucky you,

To be courted and prized as someone else's very own personal blood mine.

I mean...What if your o-so unique blood... then became the latest craze...

Would the dear disparate world not get the wrong/right idea, owning all your ever so happening blood...

You...sole proprietor of all that priceless red wet...

What if...

What if your blood were then all the rage...

What then...

What if your blood weren't you...

What would you give

In order to get your hands

On the latest most luxurious blood...

To have yours flushed completely

And replaced with that of a nice bright white

College boy or very viral multi-millionaire widow...

Would you later pay extra

For your old red tide to be glassed,

Sat down, room warm beside your occupied hospital bed.

So that when you were well ,

And in your right mind of redwets

And new whites. You just might

Indeed, spill your own & old blood.

Can't you hear your mercury just

Ringing with the jingles already...

Is there a terrible time to your life that never seems to let up...

Is it a terrible time of the great nothing much...

What say you leave your past life's luck in the dust...

And let the miracle most of modern day at your blood...

Contributed by Allison W. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


Every single aspect of this entire production: the music, the animation, the entire aesthetic of the two combined is absolutely flawless in my opinion. I've probably listened to this album 6 times today.... love it


Holy HELL, I forgot how good Doseone's work is. This is music - fully equipped with atmosphere, no matter how creepy I find it to be. Thank you for keeping this alive!

Ima Holla

This song is absolutely amazing. I heard it on satellite radio and its just one of those songs that is so fresh and unique, you find yourself listening to it over and over again. The song's meaning is quite intriguing as well and very deep for being so catchy. I'd love to see them live. This music makes me wonder what the hell I've been listening to before now...


awesome! everyone needs to go see them live, one of the best shows i have seen.


Amazing video... the visual style is just brilliant!


so much weird detail - smells like obession! must have taken forever to create this video - rare talent -> this deserves far more attention :)

Charles Pieper

Amazing design, animation, song everything! At times almost Svankmajer-like, even though its cg! Love it. -CAP

Bruno Grilo

Dose rules!! =) I love his weirdness and the rest too


i love the concept of this song.

Cameron Fratus

Haven't watched this video in 6 years! Feels good and interesting to see/hear this again. This is from a truly beautiful/quirky as FUCK album. It's like, "yo man check this out!" Then they do and they look at you in confusion like wtf is this man? Then it's like, I understand it's weird, but I can relax and jam with this.

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