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Together Again
Sue McLaren Lyrics

Summer's gone
Seasons are changing
Just rolling in to free fall
Cold and grey
Hard and fast
Everything fading
As winter comes to call
Shorter days that last forever
Longing to be together again
Together again
Fear wraps its arms around you
Pulls you closer like a lover can
Like a lover can
So if you ever get a frozen heart
Just remember to face the sun
Let the shadows fall behind you
If you ever come undone
Just face the sun
Until you are together again
Together again
Until you are together again
Together again

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Comments from YouTube:

Paul David Garnica

PvD nunca desepciona.

Nasrin Khosravi

Amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing Track Thank You , Sue , Farhad , Paul <3 !!!

Monica Velez

de los más hermosos tracks😍😍😍

Djane Edy

beautifuuuuul tune.....❤

Gilles Marcos

Let's get more than 1 million of views for Paul folks! Awesome song

Ahmed Solis

hope to watch him live, I almost did but then he fell off that stage...thank god he is doing ok

BB Cactus

That must have been shocking but I bet u had no clue what happened. Thank God indeed he survived that. He would not be saving us in Covid lockdown otherwise.

John van der Hulst

Pure heaven every time I play it.

Ahmed Solis


Liutauras Gruodis

finally! Something new from Paul ☺ stunning track, good job

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