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If I Can't Change Your Mind
Sugar Lyrics

Tears fill up my eyes
I'm washed away with sorrow
And somewhere in my mind
I know there's no tomorrow

I see you're leaving soon
I guess you've had your fill
But if I can't change your mind
Then no one will

And all throughout the years
I've never strayed from you my dear
But you suspect I'm somewhere else
You're feeling sorry for yourself

Leaving with a broken heart
I love you even still
But if I can't change your mind
Then no one will

Even though my heart keeps breaking
Don't you know that I'll be waiting
Here for you
Then when you return

When will you return
I hope you see I'm dedicated
Look how long that I have waited
If you come back then you will find

A different person
If you change your mind

How can I explain away
Something that I haven't done
And if you can't trust me now
You'll never trust in anyone

With all the crazy doubts you've got
I love you even still
But if I can't change your mind
Then no one will

Someday you'll see I've been true
I'll stay that way until
But if I can't change your mind
Then no one will

Written by: BOB MOULD

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Comments from YouTube:

Spitfire Pilot

Probably one of the most perfect pop songs ever written

Tompa Dahlin


Jason S

It’s a beauty ❤️

Eric Schenck

@Mike Anderson Yup.

Mike Anderson

@Eric Schenck maybe should have picked that one lol. Bob has blown me away for years with his heartbreaking honesty. What a lyricist.

David Lodiemyer

That's a good idea, so come into the water

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Mike Anderson

I'm trying to save my marriage. This is the song I want her to hear. Bob says it better than I ever could. Maybe it works out, maybe it doesn't; but I sure hope it does. Thanks, Bob, for your inspiration.

Relentless Kevin

@Mike Anderson Cheers Mike :)

Mike Anderson

@Relentless Kevin must of picked the wrong song lol. Truth? It was never going to work out. We had a good 12 year run. Then it all became how do you honorably exit with your chin up. Easier said than done. But we got there. We co-parent successfully. And we both love our amazing children. Cheers Kev.

Mike Anderson

@Mary Adams it didn’t but it’s all good. Two lovely children together and life is good 😊

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