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In Your Arms
by Sunbeam Sound Machine

I've got this feeling that I can't control
I've got a feeling that I'll never know
Life brought me here, love told me where to go
Love is the only way you'll ever know

It's to feel like the only one
In your arms

Contributed by Adalyn L. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Kody Sturk

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@Christian Aranda lol i accidentally posted that comment

Christian Aranda

@VreBot That is all, ten months later....Man, i've gone nowhere...


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This trippy 70s and 80s type animation is something else.

Rawan Almufti

It’s very sailor moon x scooby doo

ՎeՏe ՌɿԹ

@Bebe I think he meant the 50's era was B&W.😁

Christian Chiarizio

This had to be around the 90s late 80s

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