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Super Raven Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Admire' by these artists:

SHAKALABBITS ...「バタフライはフリー」の ジル サングラス リオ スパイダー...etc もう溢れ出してきてる でも (greed…
Tora There's all the time in the world I'm not letting go…

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Comments from YouTube:

James Lee

Raven is always cute but she looks extra cute here

Phenomadus Multigician 1999

Especially when she chews that gum Jommy Tarvis

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Arnold Olivarez

The fact that she's extremely intelligent and knows several ancient dead languages is so hot


I still have a huge crush on Raven. She's so beautiful and she's extremely intelligent too. I also love her personality, fashion style, design, color scheme, voice, grey skin, and everything else about her. Best character, Titan, and best girl in Teen Titans. Also, my favorite character in the show alongside Gizmo, Plasmus, Mumbo, and Mad Mod.

And yes. Like other comments, I agree she's very cute here too.

Chu Chulainn

Wait... Raven knows SIX languages.

Starfire learns new languages by kissing on the LIPS. So if Starfire kissed Raven, then Star would learn these languages...

Someone make this happen.


I would love to see Starfire and Raven kiss! For more reasons than one:)


If only earthlings can learn languages like that

Ruston Henry

Save it for the fan fic


No... she must lip-contact with someone OF the actual nation, not just someone who knows it.

Gem Diamondgirl76

Ewwwww no

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