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Sucked Out
by Superdrag

Look around could it bring somebody down
If I never made a sound again?
In your eyes you've already spread my thighs
And you're rocking to the next big thing
Kissing the bride 45 minutes a side
This was my dream played out rocking routine
Who sucked out the feeling?

Where'd you go now that everybody knows
And we did a couple shows out there?
Look at me I can write a melody
But I can't expect a soul to care
Kissing the bride, 45 minutes a side
This was my dream, played out rocking routine

Who sucked out the feeling?

Kissing the bride, 45 minutes a side
Who sucked out the feeling?

Written by: JOHN DAVIS

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Comments from YouTube:

Jason Pate

I got to open for Superdrag in Tuscaloosa in 2002 with a band I was playing with. it was a dope show, they were a lot of fun!

Susannah Christopher

Frankie Turner I saw sooooo many good bands when I lived there. Better than Ezra, Cowboy Mouth, maroon 5, such good times !!

Frankie Turner

@Susannah Christopher I had friends living there and I went there a little bit for other reasons and I also had no idea they played but it doesn't surprise me. I don't know if Tuscaloosa still gets a bunch of good bands but they used to

Susannah Christopher

What ???? I lived in Tuscaloosa in 2002!!! How did I not know Superdrag was there ??? Not that anyone else ever knows wtf I'm talking about but excuse me while I go cry now.

doll parts

That's amazing!


this is one of my favorite bands but no one knows who I'm talking about when i tell them that i like Superdrag😐


​@Ry Stafford pop punk before Blink 182 ?

Ry Stafford

I was 13 years old and I was listening or jamming to this song.

Susannah Christopher

Same same


Nerdvana yes mine too I used to listen to this shit when I was 5 lol

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