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by Susumu Yokota

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I used to fall asleep on the train to this song as I shuttled in-and-out of the city to my dreary, stressful job, wedged into a carriage full-to-bursting with anxious, tense, detached fellow-travellers. This album, and this song, offered a tremendous respite to the profound dissatisfaction with life that pervaded that carriage. As I floated away on the ripples of bliss, endless possibilities opened up before me; dreams of travel, of love, of release from the drudgery, repetitive grind and absolute emptiness of our collective lives. I don't travel on that miserable carriage anymore, and I've fulfilled some of those vague daydreams in the time since. But if I need to escape, to retreat from life, I still turn to this album. A testament to its creators enduring craft and brilliance. RIP Mr Yokota.



becky i

Beautiful <3


Hoping the best for you

Silvia Capp



That's poetry my friend.

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Isn't the internet amazing? I could have lived a whole lifetime before it and never found this music.

Sensėjus Faršas

he playing for the gods now

Mr D K

RIP Thank you for your contributions to Humanity. May your Soul Rest in Eternity.

Nicky Lamps

This track is so full of life.

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