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Ballade No. 4 Op. 52
Sviatoslav Richter Lyrics

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I prefer his interpretation... he doesn't rush anything like Rubinstein and Horowitz do. He brings out the left hand perfectly. You can hear the "thinking" and the "emotion" in the piece. And the way he starts the middle voice at 3:49 is sublime. The sweetness in the phrases from 4:50 to 5:00! :) His phrasing is perfect and his pianissimos are heavenly esp at 6:39 it's so warm. And from 9:03 goosebumps!!

Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius

I prefer rubinstein's rhythm and flow


Richter’s interpretation is really special, unique. One definite feature of his playing is that.. every notes is so clear and strong, they each bring certain emotion. I cannot say his interpretation of ballade 4 is the best.. but very interesting, makes me keep listening to his version and track the course of his mind throughout the play.


Condesa Carmen goosebumps it are!!!

Jim Hendricks

Totally agree (although I do like Rubinstein's interpretation as well).

Paul Dykstra

I, too, have enjoyed Zimmerman, Rubinstein. And then, there's this. Just like he does with the Etudes Tableaux of Rachmaninoff, Richter goes where no one else can, or will, and that's just who he is. Definitive? Probably. Indispensable? CERTAINLY.

Леонид Шуткин - Léo Chutkin

Yes! I also see Rachmaninoff behind!

Jim Hendricks

I'm very impressed with the recording quality, especially from a live recording in the early '60's.


Sounds like we're right next to the hammers

Reinaldo Jahnsen

I did noticed that, myself. The clarity just doesn't sound sixties

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