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Sweet Baboo Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Sweet Baboo:

If I Died… If I died would you remember that you left me? Or…
Let's Go Swimming Wild Out of mess sometimes comes great success When I met your…
Sometimes Sometimes I'll say goodbye And leave you on your own awhile…

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Comments from YouTube:

otto houlihan

Fantastic. Whoever gave this the thumbs down....shame on you. Seriously.


otto houlihan
Your bang on on mate , brought up with music , around the house as a child, parents also fully into anything that sounds good , dad went to the shop to spend his wages on revolver when released etc , apparently, and biologically, only 75 percent of people have the luxury of being genetically able to really appreciate music And I dare say the nay sayers of this perfect , in my opinion on the lugs ditty are In the other 25 percent , it’s not their fault though , btw listen from anything from motzart to slayer .

Christian Lee

I never new Cate Le Bon's bass player is so dope


If you don't own the Sweet Baboo albums you've been missing out.

Bahiyyih Mitchell

This is the most fun I've ever had while watching a video

Robin Burton

Great Morris dancing and beasts...

Richard Watts

Love this song, my favourite of the year so far


Where do the dance influences come from...
They’re wonderful.❤️

Kieran Dacey

Thumbs up

Acid Maw

It's kinda like UMO meets Barrett-era Floyd. Not something I would normally listen to but there's something incredibly infectious about this song.

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