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Skinhead Moonstomp
Symarip Lyrics

I want all you skinheads to get up on your feet
Put your braces together and your boots on your feet
And give me some of that old moonstomping

Get ready, we got three million miles to reach the moon
So let's start getting happy now
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah

Now, before we reach the moon, fellas
We got to make sure that everthing is spic and span, alright?
We got to make sure you, shine your boots, brush your teeth
Because the man on the moon look different from man on the Earth
That's what I say boys
Now remember, I am your boss skinhead speaking, my name is Caleb
Alright, and remember, I'm the boss
You can see, look at my boot, or my feet, or whatever you want to call it
And you can see I've got the biggest boots (that's not right)
Now, when I say "sing", I want everyone to get in the groove and start singing
Because we're on the moon

Ready? One time, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah

Now, I want all you fellas to gather around me, and we're gonna start stomping
Ready? Here we go, one time

Now, we want to make sure when we get back on the Earth
We've got the moon on top of us

Now, we want to make sure that everybody is still in the groove when we get back
So let's start singing one more time

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Come on, moonwalk, moonwalk, come on...


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Comments from YouTube:

Sekkō Hagane

As a modern Skinhead, I abstain, no feel disgraced, that the beautiful youth cult turned into fascists and racists. I'm Seventeen, and I wear my doc's with pride and my braces with soul. Ska, Reggae, Rock steady, Punk, Hard core, and Ska core, is what unites me with my brothers and sister from all around the world.

Xi Xi wat ik niet zie

"As a modern Skinhead, I abstain"
That is the problem. You should listen to your fellow man you have no colour. You are no skinhead for skinheads demma come. Prejudice is your boot not your image.

s Storm

you talking [email protected]!

Richie Evans

Well said mate. Good to hear this from the youth, much love n respect

Mark Howards


Mike Hughes

@morgan baker Of course you can. The old Skins weren't into all the violence and racial trouble, unlike what too many of the younger ones ended up doing.

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Tim Tommerson 1969

Best subculture ever ! Skinhead 4 life ! "69"

Giuseppe LoGiurato

@Richard May say "hi" to your brother Harry for me... And, if you should see the two brothers "Stinky Pummels" and "Hervon" being rude together, tell them Prince Buster says; "so long; sorry you had to go, so soon."

Giuseppe LoGiurato

Been listening to The Templars lately, huh? (I believe in MYSELF, and they can't take our pride away!)

Richard May


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