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Dear Dr. King
T.R.A.Y. Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by T.R.A.Y.:

2007 I Know ft. R. Dizzel Come on out Since when did you Stop leaving your house Yo…
Breathe I will try not to breathe I can hold my head…
Go with me I don't know how How we're gonna get out But I'm not…
Hang On All my fellas, all my ladies, come on One, two, three,…
I Do This Heard you speak one time in an interview Was the sweetest…
My Favorite Song Here's my attempt to describe How you make me feel so…
Problem These streets had made a man out me I ain't have…
See I Know Inny meeny minny mo How many bitches from the club wanna…
That Guy I'm not that guy anymore I'm not the guy you knew…

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Comments from YouTube:


We tryna Make this the most shared video on youtube. Help us and share it with your friends before you leave... Thanks! Much love everybody...1 Travell Rhythm And You T.R.A.Y.


thanx... i appreciate the love. Share it with your friends

Melese Zenawi

Note: I have no idea why you have only 1500 views. This is ...just... awesome!


I dont mind at all. I need yall to share all my music with every1 yall know! Cuz I cant blow up by myself. I need yall support cuz the industry aint hearing me yet. Yall have the power to put me in the industry just like we put obama in office! My music speaks for itself I just need to get put in a position to reach more people. So feel free to share everything I do musically with the world.


hey man got em, awesome stuff


cool song i like it true stuff


I didn't try to make it sound too sad or biased just tried to keep it real as possible. At least from my perspective

Susan Castillo

Tray, Coming from a middle-age white woman from Alabama------> Excellent, excellent lyrics. You have talent and I hope you are able to be recognized for this. In this land of ours, Black young men are stereotyped as "thugs," and you have helped to fight that mind-set. Change takes a long time.




thank homie much love

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