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All Your Ships have Sailed

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Nate Campbell

"I Know that windows closed, but why you gotta draw bad memories
And baby what you propose, I might as well start eternity
Sitting in the dark baby it's an art
Bringing up the two step on the boundary line
Gangster on the corner/what you order? I think a bit more
Cause you got three daughters who adore ya
Two sons who are both brawlers (let me call you)
All I wanna say is I'm inadequate, momma told me I would know when I should quit

Its fate to learn from our mistakes
Exhale cause all your ships have sailed

Done had a hard life, at a gunfight with a knife
I had to fight for every little thing
Was lucky I could sing and do it with a broken wing (my lord)
Even though there's a church on every street, these kids got nothing to eat and success feels bitter sweet (oh lord)

No light could ever ride in the dark-this town full of sharks
Been this way since the beginning of time, born into crime (yeah)

CHROUS: Repeat

VERSE 1: Repeat (with echoes)

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RS Pitts

This my jam to cruise out of this shitty year that is 2020 and into summer. The horns, the licks, the bass, the vocals....oooowee!

Pablo Cordoba

This guy should be huge in the whole world!! Like he should be in the Top10 worldwide!!


Totally agree 👍


Che Fu too

Carrie G


Weege Music


Ariana Gillespie


Geed Up

i find this song so truthfull have u suffered why yor music is so soothung.. my soul is blessed troy kingi xo .couple of yor songs have pulled me from dark places .no normal person wud eva recover from ..cheers

Dj Wena

my ears feel like this shit should have a million views!!!LETS GO!!!

viking/ maori

Love the hint of "old school" sound in there bro🤙kiaora..summer vibe is in the air,your music will get the ball rolling bro.

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