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The Price of Freedom
Takeharu Ishimoto Lyrics

Lying next to you, I'm holding your hand
Gentle eyes of beauty bringing peace to me now
The silent peace so soft it passes right through my arms
I'm wishing that this moment lasts a little bit more
You saved me through the rocky roads
You gave me half of your precious soul
I wanna hear you laugh some more
Don't wanna see you go
All the times we fought were together as one
Even when we part, you will never be gone
Look into the sky and see the dream we never lost
Can't you see it coming true?
We made it through
I share this time with you
I wanna see your smile
Close your eyes, you've gone through so much, my love
All the past is now a cloud of floating memories
The sunlight shining through the long and dark nights we've walked
All that's left to do is rest and heal our hearts
Every step along the way
You gave me strength to stand my ground
There's so much to say to you
But now it's time to go
All the times we fought

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4 SOLDIER 1st class

One betrays Shinra and attack Shinra.

One dies and hands over the honor of his sword to his student as a gift.

One betrays Shinra and turns his back on them.

The last one gives his friend his dreams tears and rust to his friend and die a LEGEND


Let's just not forget what Zack said to Cloud before he died...

"My honor... .. My dreams... .. They're all yours now......"

God i missed him.

Cloud: aHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhH

Caleb Rivera

I first played this knowing that it was a prequel to 7, Had no idea how the ending would be.

So when I got to the end, desperately trying to stay alive and fight all the soldiers, I was worried about Zack from beginning to end.

Then when Zack gave Cloud that speech about Legacy, I was on the verge of tears.

Then when he finally said goodbye, I felt how Cloud was feeling at that moment.

Knowing that the remake will be coming soon, that’s how I’m gonna play 7.

Been 3 years (2016) sense I first played it and I’m really excited to see how the story will continue from there.

But I’ll never forget Zack for as long as I live.

”Embrace your Dreams...and protect your honor”

Edit: I forgot to mention that this was also the first Final Fantasy game I ever played and beaten.

john torreto

Haven't played FF7
Me: Ok, Lets do this
Activating combat mode
Me: Lets, get some music going
The price of freedom plays
Me: Why, is this music playing its not like hes gonna die
DMV spins
Me: Haha very funny guys
DMV fades one by one
Me: It must be the game glitching sniffle
Final DMV slowly fades
Me: DON'T GO ZACK!!!!!!


Genesis: Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess. We seek it thus, and take it to the Sky. Rippels on the water surface. The wandering soul knows no rest.

Sephiroth: "LOVELESS Act I."

Genesis: "Hmpf, you remembered."

Sephiroth: "How can i not, if you've beaten it into in my head"? (Swings Sword down)

Angel: "Dont take Sephiroth lightly"!

Genesis: "Hmpf, Noted"

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This game is so underrated. A masterpiece.

PaxRyder Videos

Tell kenji that he’s a good boy

the one who wins

Oh my God its actually you

Alkimael Ragnarok

jajajj no

Alkimael Ragnarok

@483358 NO.
Is balanced.
Only FF7 Fans liked this good game

Corey Kinard

Underrated? Hah! Find me a single top PSP game list out there that excludes Crisis Core.

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Dash GQ

Activating Crying Mode...

Jotaro Kujo

Depression Unresolved

Jonathan Vazquez


Julius Palacios

@Saizen 😢😢😢

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