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Uh Oh
Taken By Cars Lyrics

I feel the time has come to play
I see you look my way
My mind's filled with cruel intentions
I'm wanting your affection

Cold heart
Cold, cold, cold hands
I think I'm beginning to understand
Automatic flash point I see you
Across the floor
Make all things new

*Uh oh...

This is where it ends
Past perfect future tense
An altered state of mind
Your words no longer grind

Here I am in full battle gear
Here I am I'm wanting you
I'm wanting you near me

Repeat *

**I miss my heartbeat for you
I miss my heartbeat
Repeat 2x

I want to live and love
I want to live and love
Like I'm high above

Contributed by James O. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

brie quetua

I was in my gradeschool years when I first heard this song. Nostalgia hits me very hard! 😍😍

Winter Solar

The intro reminds me soo much of Bloc Party i love it ❤

vxllvxn- ai

Saw them live in an acoustic fest 👌👍


i miss the old Mtv.. childhood days..


Frankly, MTV nowadays is just full of shit.....


ganda naman ng band na to. when I heard this in a bar I thought it was foreign a band since it really has that indie feel music

don josue

It's so good, describing it as orgasmic is an understatement for this song.

mark glomer gandol

Solid parin parang kahapon lang 👌

gerome trinidad

uh oh!!! gusto ko to!!!! i really love this joint ....... i hope u make more songs like this one....


Classic tune.

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