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Road Taken
Takeru Kanazaki Lyrics

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Knucklez Saiyan FGB

Ah...this beautiful song sure takes me back to those sunny days when people would break into my home and attempt to slaughter me and all of my friends and family...

Knucklez Saiyan FGB

@RoastaToasta This plays during the battles you have at what is basically your house...


. . . . I don't know If I got the joke, Is this referring to the contrast between the two themes, kinda seems like it, half the sentence is chill and then it becomes kinda chaotic


...only for said invaders to get their faces bashed in by weird stone golem things while our resident immortal loli and overly dramatic retainer unleashed an eldritch barrage of magic that traumatized all innocent life in the vicinity.

....goooood times.


My fellow knuckles

L.F.P. man

Knucklez Saiyan FGB and that’s why it’s “my castle” theme

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Mr. Cow

Say what you want about Fates, but I think we can all agree that it had some damn good music.

Ideo Hazama

Conquest is quite good actually at least in gameplay wise, i can't speak that much for birthright or revelation since well i didn't played them yet.


Fates was great I dont care what anyone says.

Finn Umbreon

Same with Awakening

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