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God-shattering Star
Takeru Kanazaki Hiroki Morishita Rei Kondoh Lyrics

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Skittles 536

-dark sun
-persona 2 I.S. battle theme
-life will change
-dream of butterfly
-light the fire up in the night (dark hour)
-key plus words
-the almighty
-the fog
-will power
And so, SO many more i’m missing.

Jack Holdcroft

BE bossfight: The Immaculate One
GD bossfight: The King of Liberation
BL bossfight: Edgy near-teenager WhOs EmBrAcEd ThE dArKnEsS


BL bossfight: Hegemon Terror
GD bossfight: The King of Liberation
BE bossfight: Mommy dragon with parent issues

Dorothea Arnault

@#Yvette Fan Here are my favorite characters from the 3 houses. The 3 first characters are my most favorite, while the 2 last characters (7 and 8) are my least favorite:

Black Eagles 🦅
1. Dorothea
2. Edelgard
3. Petra
4. Hubert
5. Bernadetta
6. Caspar
7. Linhardt
8. Ferdinand (von Aegir)

Blue Lions 🦁
1. Ashe
2. Dedue
3. Mercedes
4. Annette
5. Ingrid
6. Dimitri
7. Felix
8. Sylvain

Golden Deer 🦌
1. Hilda
2. Ignatz
3. Raphael
4. Leonie
5. Marianne
6. Lysithea
7. Claude
8. Lorenz


Possible Lyrics
Osares ma sago.
(You dare not know.)

Radme tada sigrani. Wa cha vas fobyoris... va sivo!
(Tell me that secret. The king of phobias... will live!)

Va yasi o va sa fo. Vas va u mis vo a ri wo. Raro via savasi, vaso a wa, a si vi lo.
(It will be gone. You're going to miss your laugh. Rarely do you save, I'm going to the king, if I see it.)

Va asi varto fodra. Ve halici che a vista, vi ra ve a ya. As va u favor. Vivo ri a. As vi vo ria. wa de vir. A zi jas va.
(It will go awry. You hate that, out of sight, you see it already. I will do you a favor. I live laughing. As you laugh. King of man.)

Wa li renvas vo dro, si vas va si fo wa.
(The day will come.)

Fo su wa sa vi ci va fa sa. Ai a zei zaze via si ai wa. Vo vi dra nu gas dra sa fo ha vi za vi ilu u. Vo sa vas vi va ya ci sa ra.
(His king comes back straight. And then the false king. The false king will do it to you. You have goddesses alive and you have a king.)

O wa riva vi favor vi si vavi va so mi va zi va as sa ri o.
(O king, please I will laugh and you will give it to me.)

Found on Reddit.

Sweet Pokemon Lover Neesha

@James V you just pissed off a professor from Kuromorimine Girls' Academy. Taste the Nishizumi Style!!!


crits James V

In all seriousness, are you serious about the opera song you like? The name sounds stupid if you ask me.


This was a comment made by a dude named: Ucha Nekome.

There's actually a rough translation of it. It's old Latin making it very difficult to do a one on one translation. But I somewhat figured out how to make sense of it and wrote lyrics in English. Remember I took some liberties based on context and the fact that some words in Latin don't exist anymore. That and I added a few things to make it sound better in general. This is how it turned out.

You dare claim ignorance.

Tell me, have you heard the tale?

It tells that the once dead fearful king...will rise again!

Everything you love will be gone!
Your laughter will fade as I dawn.
Rarely do you know all you keep humble,
Until you witness your kingdom crumble.

Every plan you have will go awry.
The hatred will burn in all your eyes.
You will not see it coming at all.
I'll do one favor
and laugh as you fall.
As you once laughed,
fool King of man.

The day will come when I will conquer it all.

Yet this Lord of yours is standing tall. How interesting.
As you claim that I am the one who is the false king.
So it shall be that this false king shall strike you all down.
You and your reborn goddesses still claim that you will be holding the crown.

So young king, I will be laughing, as you surrender your crown to me the god shattering star!


Unsa rith vasa gosh
Lad vita dath in granhñ
Foche vas por vihl ho reeth

La ya fiorgha fahgoh!
La evna ehvifo yaeh yo!
La ra va via farra hee
La honra ho la she e via

La ya svarto Fodlan!
Ves vainchesla visna
Unla melaea
Ephia un a hoy en vai ya
In vui ya
Varne vee ah ee Fodlan!

Vari velmos Fodlan!
Si pshnati ho ivaa!

Vo mitad durgahol taho hari davie
Ee ruhu eu faif favief vaiah hisha aa
Oo fua savrie sheenri aya vaa
Verida feifa la e vee farrah eer raw ah!

Oo urua hee
ravi fah do
Evishma, evuaf do
Edif la visda
Oshre ee doh!


[God Shattering Star] + Original Lyrics by PALogy

Who here risks all for god
Let me introduce his wrath
Which of us feels fury

Carries us over the moon
the light of the people carries on
Clever to be a clarity
on to the rest we appear evil

They all fight for Fodlan
hail Sothis as their false god
they ran an iron
grip on this land but

we’ll surpass that, we won’t lose again,
he’ll guarantee
our victory!

war even must fall on us
she will pay for her mistrust

*whistles Lost in Thoughts alone
*whistles Fire Emblem Theme

oh we hide in darkness far from cursed dieties
yee who rules all sides their wish shall cast a shadow
"come to us I’ll receive you in open arms"
a golden deer stands between us and our God Shattering Star

*whistles Fodlan Winds
*whistles Tearing Thru Heaven

you who are indeed from a king far apart
you dreamer, your parcel will claw and tear down all of these walls!

Jerikko Afuang

Spoilers for GD Endgame!
The motif at the beginning can be heard at the very first cutscene of the game when Nemesis makes his entrance to fight Seiros.

When I rewatched that cutscene, I was like that is the God Shattering Star motif.

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Most games don't go straight from dubstep to opera.


@Jack Sparrow lol you're back already? How fortunate, i do enjoy your attempt to redirect. Its a shame its that period in my routine where i have to sleep to prepare for the boring cycle that is real life. That said i look forward to ur next comment to attempt to distract from the fact you cared enough to start this conversation about an old comment While claiming not to care with semi elaborate versions of the old elementary school insult on a persons intelligence. It makes my day to see someone be so contradictory then spend more of thier time attempting to get undee my skin with silly insults while i smile amused and continually give them more opportunities at the aforementioned futile goal of getting under my skin. But then when you work in retail u realize that no internet stranger can ever bother you cause you deal with "karens" for a living while listening to rock that goes into dubstep in a nice lil booth designed to keep karens out. Good luck tho i really do hope i wake up to a good one, i might even steal it if its good enough.


shween megunnie 10say

Jack Sparrow

@SeigiSentai12th idiot, what I care about is telling you that you're stupid, not whatever it is you're claiming I care about facepalm get that through your thick skull.


@Jack Sparrow rofl, man I never tire of people who think saying idc and then caring enough to respond to an old comment shows a lack of caring, and then getting frustrated when they a shown that by the very nature of them taking the time out of thier day to respond to something they don't care about they are contradicting thier own statement and storming off as if that erases thier own mistake. Thank you for temporarily ending my boredom. You have a great day random stranger on the internet.

Jack Sparrow

@SeigiSentai12th just because you've convince yourself you aren't stupid, doesn't mean you aren't stupid. Goodbye.

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VoiceofGrima 117

Jeralt: "Byleth, the lyrics to God Shattering Star are-"

gets stabbed

Henry Sibley [Batman]

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Lizzette Stern

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